Built ground up. Exclusively for martial arts.

Super easy to use, yet very flexible for multiple style setups; Club Manager by BMABA offers a flexible, affordable option for clubs of all sizes and styles.

Super-easy, completely flexible grade progression.

We know one of the key things you need martial arts club management software for is grade tracking.

Club Manager By BMABA offers completely customisable, easy to use custom grade setup and tracking as standard.

Membership charges, your way.

Whether it’s a block of payments by debit card on a term-basis, or pay as you go with cash on the door. We don’t interfere. You charge your fees, your way.

  • We don't touch a penny of your fees. It's yours - not ours.
  • Integrate any payment gateway, or accept cash on the night / BACS
  • Pay by class, per month or annually. Your choice.

Built to fit with your club.

We built Club Manager by BMABA to be flexible to your martial arts clubs. It's simple to use, easy to edit and drops right into any WordPress website. No extensions or changes needed, other than WooCommerce for payments. Simple as.

Q. Is It standalone software?

Not quite. You only need a WordPress website to run Club Manager by BMABA. WordPress is an easy to use, powerful, world-renowned website builder and there are dozens of completely free places you can host a site, too (we can help!).

Q. What themes is it compatible with?

Absolutely any theme of your choice. Simple, pre-built through to your own preferred, custom-built or shop-bought themes. It will run on absolutely any setup.

Q. Do I need any other plugins?

The only other (completely free) plugin you'll need is WooCommerce, to handle the transaction side of payments. That's it.

Q. How is club manager free?

We want to support clubs grow. That's our mission. For this reason, we provide the software 100% free of charge for any club up to 16 students in active count. 

Q. Can I 'try before I buy'?

Absolutely. Download and install from our site, or the WordPress plugin repository and give it a full try before committing. You can test up to 16 students with zero obligation to pay. If you like it, thereafter it's cancel anytime.

Built For Martial Arts, By Martial Arts.

We’ve designed Club Manager by BMABA to be as easy to use and intuitive as possible, and we think you’ll find you’re ready to start accepting bookings in less than ten minutes from activation!

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Focused On Reducing Admin & Growing Your Club

Grade Progression & Gradings

Club Manager by BMABA keeps track of student grades, and lets you know when a student is ready to grade. It's effective across any style - even multiples.

Easy Attendance Tracking

Keep on top of who's turning up, and have it automatically translate toward grade progression and grading-readiness.

Your Club, Your Data.

We've created Club Manager by BMABA as a WordPress plugin, meaning we plug into your existing site. All data remains exclusively yours, just the way it should do.

Student Portal

Empower your students and cut down on admin with integrated waivers on self-registration, and account self-service.

Super-Easy To Use Class Scheduling

Whether it’s by phone, tablet or PC, it’s easy to create visually stunning, user friendly class timetables which your members can easily book onto with just a single click.

BMABA Clubs Enjoy Up To 75% Off

We built Club Manager by BMABA with the feedback of our community. We want to give that back, meaning BMABA registered clubs receive substantial discounts on even the highest tier plans.

Real-Time Updates, Even On The Mats

Club Manager by BMABA puts you in control. It includes real-time notifications as students register and pay, with quick-action links you can follow to view orders, registrations, student details and more.

Imagine if you could have parents & students sign any waivers, terms and club rules when setting up their account...

You can set any page to contain mandatory information that has to be agreed to before an account can be created. This means you can always be assured assumption of risk forms, waivers, terms, charters or rules have been accepted before the student or parent even books a class.

Member's Only Content

Easily create custom content that’s specifically accessible to select membership plans.

  • Create Content Quickly & Easily
  • Make Changes And Update In Real-time
  • You Decide If One Or More Plans Have Access

A Martial Arts Club Management System Designed To REDUCE Admin

Put Your Student In Control

Let your students register themselves, provide medical information, next of kin, and more. Better still, they can update it anytime.

Your Data. One Place.

The plugin runs on YOUR website, not our servers. It belongs to you, and is all in one secure place controlled by YOU.

Heavy Lifting, Done For You

We've built the student onboarding process to be as easy and straight forward as possible. It does all the admin heavy work for you, so you can focus on teaching.

Secure Notifications To Your Members

Easily create notifications you know have been delivered.

Specific Members, Or The Entire Club

You select if your notifications go to one or two specific members, or the entire club.

One-Way, Delivery Assured

You don't need to worry about missing any replies. Notifications are one-way, ensuring you can be sure students accessing the portal see the latest messages.

Pocket Ready.

Our martial arts club management software makes it easier than ever for your students to take their membership, payments, bookings, schedules, notices and content with them – even on the move. 

Give It A Spin, 100% Free, Forever.

It’s completely free to get started and you’ll never pay a penny if you have no more than 16 active students. 

It’s the perfect way to take the software for a spin without pressure.

How Is It Free Forever?

We want to help new clubs and smaller clubs grow. That helps us, too. For that reason, it's free forever for upto 16 students on the platform. 

Is It A Standalone App?

No, not quite. We've built our club manager as a WordPress Plugin, meaning you're free to integrate it onto any existing website. It will plug-in to any site, and any theme. The only other plugin you'll need is WooCommerce, which is free.

What's The Catch?

There isn't one. We built the software from the ground up, predominantly for BMABA members to benefit from however it's open to non-members alike, and is available worldwide.