Student Portal & Content Baked-In

Whether it’s providing specific content for specific membership types or allowing students to effortlessly see their grades, book onto classes, make payment – and so on. It’s included.

Key Functionality

Self-Service Portal

Let your students login to make payments, book onto classes, update their medical information and more.

Grades & Progression

Parents and students can login to view their own grade progress, even if its across multiple disciplines.

Mobile Responsive, Pocket Ready.

The student portal and functionality works brilliantly on any phone or device, meaning your students access their classes through your website. Even on the move.

Reduce Admin. Empower Students.

From making payments and selecting memberships to booking onto classes, viewing private (or club-wide) notices and accessing member only content. It’s all possible, and included as standard.

A Full Schedule Of Booked Classes

Make it easier than ever for students (or parents) to see their schedule of booked lessons, and the specific details about when, where and with who. One screen, one login. Ready on any device, including the mobile for those last minute glances before drop off!

Core Student Portal Features

One Login. Full Access

Because we offer a WordPress Plugin, we work from your native list of WordPress users. This means existing users can effortlessly login, and they can continue to use the rest of your site's features too.

Secure Payments

Access payments via just about any payment gateway, securely online. Members can sign up to their preferred plans, enabling automatic subscriptions too.

Class Bookings

Allow students to view classes by month, week, day or list and let them book onto any classes included in their membership. They'll even see how much availability is left on any given class.

Member Only Content

Effortlessly create member only content, and restrict it by membership to ensure some, all or none of your students can access reserved content.

Self-Service Profiles

From updating medical information and next of kin details through to instructor notes and billing info. Your students can now take care of this themselves (so no more email chasers!)

Notices & Alerts

Need to serve a specific student with a personal notice, or update the entire club to remember something for class? It's an in-built feature!

Straightforward member's only content.

Quickly and easily release member only content that’s specifically reserved by membership level.

BMABA Clubs Enjoy Up To 75% Off

We built Club Manager by BMABA with the feedback of our community. We want to give that back, meaning BMABA registered clubs receive substantial discounts on even the highest tier plans.