Self-Registration Made Easy

Easily allow students to sign themselves up to your club, ensuring they sign your Assumption of Risk (AoR – Waiver) form in the process. Admin free.

A Martial Arts Club Management System Designed To REDUCE Admin

Put Your Student In Control

Let your students register themselves, provide medical information, next of kin, and more. Better still, they can update it anytime.

Your Data. One Place.

The plugin runs on YOUR website, not our servers. It belongs to you, and is all in one secure place controlled by YOU.

Heavy Lifting, Done For You

We've built the student onboarding process to be as easy and straight forward as possible. It does all the admin heavy work for you, so you can focus on teaching.

All your students. One list. Perfect for the office or dojo.

With ClubManager by BMABA, you can easily see all of your students in one place. It’s easy to see who’s registered, whether they’re subscribed to a membership plan, and if you need to make contact.

Register. Subscribe. Sorted.

We’ve built the onboarding process to be as simple and self-service based as possible, to make life easier for everyone. 

  • STEP 1 - Students Register Without Payment To Your Management System
  • STEP 2 - Students can then purchase a membership, and see the class schedule etc.
  • STEP 3 - You're notified as they sign up, when they create a membership and as they book onto classes.

"If only students could manage their own accounts"

Sorted. Students can login to make payments, see membership plans, notices, classes booked, schedules, grades and so much more. All self-service, and without you having to assist.

Imagine if you could have parents & students sign any waivers, terms and club rules when setting up their account...

You can set any page to contain mandatory information that has to be agreed to before an account can be created. This means you can always be assured assumption of risk forms, waivers, terms, charters or rules have been accepted before the student or parent even books a class.