The perfect addition to your existing WordPress website

WordPressbyBMABA can slot right into any existing WordPress website. It doesn’t interfere with design, and it doesn’t need any coding or technical knowledge either.

Install. Activate. Done.

Getting started with ClubManager by BMABA is literally just a case of downloading the plugin for free, installing it to your existing site, and then activating as you would any other plugin.

How Do You Need It To Fit?

To Be A Standalone Club Management Platform

Easy as. Install and activate the plugin. Then in settings, switch on the option that asks if you'd like to force login. Once enabled, your WordPress website becomes purely the management system. Perfect if you're pointing to the plugin from an existing site elsewhere, or you don't need a full club website.

Compliment My Existing Website

Simply install and activate. It won't interfere with your design, functionality or any existing content. You can then point members to your student platform for sign ups, class bookings, student profiles etc but they'll be free to continue using any other aspects of your existing WordPress website - be that your shop, blog, or any other functions.

What other plugins are needed?

We’ve built ClubManager by BMABA to plug and go, and to be as self-sufficient as possible. To keep it as open and flexible as possible, we need just one other plugin to be activated. It’s free, and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.